HP HSTNN-I80C HSTNN-OB1K laptop battery of 3760mah

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Welcome to batteriesnotebook.co.uk.We wholesale and retail new HP HSTNN-I80C HSTNN-OB1K laptop batteries replacement for HP Envy 14 Series(All) are hot sales at present.We warrant that HP HSTNN-I80C HSTNN-OB1K sold in our website, other than explicitly stated, are 100% brand new and free from defects in material and workmanship.Enjoy your time!xmlsitemap

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  HSTNN-I80C HSTNN-OB1K  Batteries For  HP Envy 14 Series(All) laptop

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safe cell laptop batteries HP HSTNN-I80C HSTNN-OB1K batteries have been made of Safe and Powerful Cells
30-day money back HP HSTNN-I80C HSTNN-OB1K is 30-Day Money Back
1 year warranty HP HSTNN-I80C HSTNN-OB1K has 1 year Warranty

HP HSTNN-I80C HSTNN-OB1K batteries discount up to 20%! fast shipping 3-5 days arrive !
This HP HSTNN-I80C HSTNN-OB1K is a rechargeable battery pack.

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---------HP HSTNN-I80C Details ---------
Battery Brand: HP Chemistry: Li-ion
Volt: Capacity: 3760mah
Product Code: HP3022 P/N : HSTNN-I80C
Dimension: Color: black
Original Price: £78.57 Current Price: £55.00


---------HP HSTNN-I80C Description---------

HP HSTNN-I80C HSTNN-OB1K compatibles original battery codes:

SDI-CHA-SDI, P\N: P42P15-02-H01, 592910-351, 592910-541, 593548-001
HP HSTNN-I80C HSTNN-OB1K Laptop Battery fits with below models:
HP Envy 14t-2000 CTO Beats Edition

HP Envy 14 Series
Envy 14 Beats Edition, Envy 14

HP Envy 14-1000 Series
Envy 14-1000, Envy 14-1002tx, Envy 14-1003tx,
Envy 14-1004tx, Envy 14-1006tx, Envy 14-1009tx,
Envy 14-1011tx, Envy 14-1012tx, Envy 14-1014tx,
Envy 14-1015tx, Envy 14-1050ea, Envy 14-1050et,
Envy 14-1070ez, Envy 14-1090ee, Envy 14-1090eo,
Envy 14-1099br,

HP Envy 14-1100 Series
Envy 14-1100 Beats Edition, Envy 14-1100,
Envy 14-1100el Beats Edition, Envy 14-1101eg,
Envy 14-1101tx Beats Edition, Envy 14-1102tx Beats Edition,
Envy 14-1105tx Beats Edition, Envy 14-1106tx Beats Edition,
Envy 14-1108tx Beats Edition, Envy 14-1110ew, Envy 14-1110NR,
Envy 14-1110tx Beats Edition, Envy 14-1111nr,
Envy 14-1111tx Beats Edition, Envy 14-1113tx Beats Edition,
Envy 14-1114ef Beats Edition, Envy 14-1116tx Beats Edition,
Envy 14-1120er Beats Edition, Envy 14-1150ca,
Envy 14-1154ca Beats Edition, Envy 14-1155ca Beats Edition,
Envy 14-1160se Beats Edition, Envy 14-1163se Beats Edition,
Envy 14-1163SE, Envy 14-1190ea, Envy 14-1190eg Beats Edition,
Envy 14-1195ea Beats Edition, Envy 14-1199ez Beats Edition

HP Envy 14-1200 Series
Envy 14-1200 Beats Edition, Envy 14-1200,
Envy 14-1200ea, Envy 14-1200eg, Envy 14-1201ea,
Envy 14-1204tx Beats Edition, Envy 14-1208tx, Envy 14-1210nr,
Envy 14-1211nr, Envy 14-1212ef, Envy 14-1214tx Beats,
Envy 14-1260se Beats Edition

HP Envy 14-2000 Series
Envy 14-2000 Beats Edition, Envy 14-2000,
Envy 14-2000ea, Envy 14-2000eg, Envy 14-2001xx,
Envy 14-2002ea Beats Edition, Envy 14-2002tx Beats,
Envy 14-2005tx Beats Edition, Envy 14-2010tx Beats Edition,
Envy 14-2020nr, Envy 14-2050se Beats Edition,
Envy 14-2054se Beats Edition, Envy 14-2070nr,
Envy 14-2090ca Beats Edition, Envy 14-2090ef,
Envy 14-2099sf

HP Envy 14t-1100 Series
Envy 14t-1100 CTO Beats Edition, Envy 14t-1100 CTOm

HP Envy 14t-1200 Series
Envy 14t-1200 CTO Beats Edition, Envy 14t-1200 CTO


      Use HP HSTNN-I80C HSTNN-OB1K battery needing attention some matters:

        When using HP HSTNN-I80C HSTNN-OB1K laptop as a desktop replacement the battery should not be left in for long periods of time.The laptop will over time discharge the battery.Remove the HP HSTNN-I80C HSTNN-OB1K battery,making sure that it is charged to 50% and store it in a dry,warm place. Ensure that it is wrapped protectively and nothing will be dropped on it.

The HP HSTNN-I80C HSTNN-OB1K battery should be re-installed every 3-4 weeks and allowed to fully discharge.Leaving a battery in storage for longer than this without using could cause the battery to fully discharge as the circuitry of the battery itself consumes power.
  1. Carefulness read narrate book of battery,use commendatory battery.
  2. Research the electric appliance and the laptop batteries contact elements is whether clean, when necessity is clean with the wet cloth mop, after dry loads according to the correct polar direction.
  3. New HP HSTNN-I80C HSTNN-OB1K Battery Pack must be fully charged before use.
  4. Li-ion and NiMH Battery can not interchangeable.
  5. Don't make new and old or different model battery put off.
  6. Don't try to make rebirth use hot up,charge,or other way.
  7. Don't let battery short circuit.
  8. Don't hot up laptop battery for HP HSTNN-I80C HSTNN-OB1K or loss it in water.
  9. Don't strip battery.
  10. Should take off battery from adapter when battery long time no use.
  11. If you don't use your HSTNN-OB1K laptop for a period of time,you must fully discharge then recharge the battery.

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 We supply high quality and low price HP HSTNN-I80C HSTNN-OB1K battery replacement for high quality and low price HP HSTNN-I80C HSTNN-OB1K laptop battery here. This HP  HSTNN-I80C HSTNN-OB1K laptop battery are designed to work with your HP Laptop, this rechargeable.
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